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A new type of surfactant for water-based antirust

Release time:2020/4/17 11:42:11

一、Product performance

This product is a new type of water-borne antirust agent composed of polybasic acid and hyperbranched Gemini surfactant. It has excellent adhesion and can easily form a protective film on the metal surface to avoid direct contact with air, so as to achieve the purpose of antirust and corrosion inhibition.

二、Product characteristics

1. This product has no stimulation, no peculiar smell, no APEO, sodium nitrite, no flammability, explosion and environmental protection

2. Excellent dispersion, film-forming and adhesion

3. It is convenient to use, with less dosage, and can be diluted with 20-30 times of water

4. Good water solubility, good antirust effect at room temperature and high temperature

5. Wide application mode: suitable for antirust treatment of spraying, ultrasonic, scrubbing, immersion and other process workpieces.

三、Technical index




brown liquid

PH value (5% aqueous solution)


Density (room temperature)

1.03 g/mL


It is widely used in the preparation of all kinds of synthetic cutting fluid, and has good antirust performance for various metals such as black iron, cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum and so on.

packing :

1.This product is packed in 200 kg  blue plastic barrel. It can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

2.This product should be stored in a cool place without light,protected from sunshine, rain and high temperature during transportation.This product is non-dangerous