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Cationic alkyl polyglycoside

Release time:2020/4/21 16:01:50

一、Product performance

Polymeric cationic alkyl glycoside is a new type of cationic surfactant, which inherits the green, natural, low toxicity and low irritation performance of the original alkyl glycoside, and has various cationic characteristics of quaternary ammonium salts. It is easily soluble in water and has a very high cationic charge density.

二、Technical index





Light yellow to tan liquid

Solid content(%)


PH value (5% aqueous solution)




三、Product characteristics

1. Green, natural, low toxicity, low irritation, easy biodegradation, and environment friendly.

2. It has low surface tension, low critical micelle concentration and high surface activity.

3. It has strong foaming power, delicate foam, stable, rich and easy to wash.


1. Used in various industrial cleaning and civilian high-grade detergents such as hand soap and laundry detergent;

2. Used as synergist for water pesticides;

3. Used as a mineral flotation agent;

4. Used as a highly effective cationic emulsifier;

5. Compounding with silicone oil and ester quaternary ammonium salt for fabric softener;

6. Flocculation aids for wastewater treatment;

packing :

1.This product is packed in 200 kg or 25 kg blue plastic barrel. It can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

2.This product should be stored in a cool place without light,protected from sunshine, rain and high temperature during transportation.This product is non-dangerous