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Strong degreasing surfactant with low alkali and medium temperature

Release time:2020/3/23 11:27:56

At present, there are many kinds of degreasers in the market. In general, in order to reduce the cost and improve the work efficiency, the degreasing process can only be completed under the conditions of strong alkali and high temperature. In this way, the surface of textiles (especially a precious fabric), other hard surfaces (including metal parts, electronic components, plastic surfaces, etc.) will be more or less damaged, affecting the quality of products. Not only that, the strong alkali system also brings a lot of inconvenience to the follow-up wastewater treatment.

Furthermore, Henan provincial road Pure Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new functional Gemini surfactant based on the market situation and years of experience in Gemini quaternary ammonium salt research. The product is green and environmentally friendly, does not contain dangerous chemicals such as APEO and formaldehyde, and fully meets the export requirements of the European Union. In addition, the product has strong degreasing ability under the condition of low alkali and medium normal temperature. It has good emulsifying, wetting and dispersing properties. It is suitable for removing all kinds of vegetable oil and mineral oil. It can be used under acid, neutral and alkaline conditions. Widely used in various industrial and civil cleaning agents (such as textile pretreatment degreaser, electroplating pretreatment degreaser, metal hard surface cleaner, engine cleaner, range hood cleaner, carpet cleaner, marble cleaner, etc.).

In addition, the product is composed of a variety of Gemini surfactants, acid and alkali resistant. But there is a certain bubble. Suitable for: ultrasonic cleaning, immersion cleaning, spray scrubbing, etc., spray cleaning needs to be used with silicone oil agent.

For application deficiencies, please refer to the guidance and suggestions of the majority of auxiliary manufacturers. Thank you!