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A new type of green and multi-functional bubble free surfactant came out

Release time:2020/3/23 11:29:34

With the acceleration of industrialization of "one road, one belt" in China, electroplating industry also develops rapidly. China has also become a large country of electroplating processing, the vast majority of electroplating enterprises are located in South China, East China and coastal areas where the manufacturing industry is relatively developed.

In addition, China's electroplating industry is still facing "big but not strong". At present, China's electroplating industry is known as the world's "manufacturing power" with a huge annual import and export volume, but due to the constraints of technical personnel and other factors, they are relatively concentrated in the low-end field, and the high-end market is undoubtedly a huge economic attraction for domestic electroplating enterprises. In recent years, China's electroplating industry has been growing, however, there are many problems that need to be solved. Among them, environmental protection is the most important issue that everyone pays close attention to, and it is a major event that benefits the country and the people and concerns each other's future generations. At present, many electroplating enterprises have realized this problem. This requires enterprises to start from raw materials, find and develop some new products that meet the requirements of environmental protection and production needs.

At present, Henan daochun Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of green multi-functional non foaming surfactant according to the national "ten water regulations" and the current requirements of electroplating industry. It is widely used in the preparation of various industrial and civil non foaming cleaning agents. Such as: electroplating pretreatment, coating pretreatment, metal, plastic hard surface and pipeline cleaning agent, textile and leather pretreatment, optical glass and all kinds of dissolver cleaning agent, electronic products and precision instrument cleaning agent, non bubble food cleaning agent, etc. This product has no phosphorus, APEO, defoamer, irritant, peculiar smell, inflammable, explosive and environmental protection. Low dosage, low cost, resistant to strong alkali (30% NaOH), strong acid, good water solubility and lubricity. It has a strong ability to peel and disperse oil and dust. There is no foam at room temperature and high temperature. It is suitable for spraying, ultrasonic, electrolysis, scrubbing, impregnation and so on. It is the best choice of pretreatment in electroplating industry, and it also plays an important role in reducing environmental pollution.